Our Personell

It is mandatory that we maintain an extremely detailed hiring and training procedure for all security officers. This includes conducting background checks, education, home address, and other credentials.
The company policy places a strong emphasis on the critical employee aspects like:

  • Suitable relevant educational standard and experience.
  • Appropriate age and physical fitness.
  • Possession of Certificate of Good Conduct.
  • Staff must be numerate, literate and able to read, write and communicate in English.
  • Management/ supervisors must be able to:
    • Read, write English
    • Understand mathematical figures and
    • Be computer literate.
  • All staff are uniformed in line with the company image requirements.
  • All staff must undergo induction and refresher training programs and are taken through a mandatory:
    • Safety and general orders orientation
    • Fire-fighting techniques and first-aid and
    • Personal etiquette and customer care

We also hold regular refresher courses to keep our personnel abreast of changes that are in compliance with the law and the security industry

Insurance & Compensation

We maintain a comprehensive insurance cover with Heritage Insurance Ltd, who are among the best and leading insurance underwriters in Kenya, and who cover us against:

  • Legal Contractual Liability, in the event of a claim from a client, and
  • Work Injury Benefits Assurance cover for our guards.